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Stephen Schwartz - All I Ever Wanted The Prince Of Egypt chords

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All I Ever Wanted by Stephen Schwartz (from the Prince of Egypt)

Tune 1 step down

1: Eb
2: Bb
3: Gb
4: Db
5: Ab
6: Eb

G/D : xx0033


G ,  Em ,  G ,  Em

Gleaming in the moonlight
Cool and clean and all I've ever known
All I ever wanted

Sweet perfumes of incense
Graceful rooms of alabaster stone
All I ever wanted

  C	    D
This is my home
	 Am	  	  C
With my father, mother, brother
      Dsus4           D
Oh so noble, oh so strong
 C	  D
Now I am home
 Am		C	      Dsus4
Here among my trappings and belongings
I belong
         Em     G/D
And if anybody doubts it
       C		D
They couldn't be more wrong

I am a sovereign prince of Egypt
A son of the proud history thatís shown
Etched on ev'ry wall
Surely this is all I ever wanted
All I ever wanted
All I ever wanted

(G, Em, G, Dsus4, D)

  C	      D		
This is your home, my son
 Am		 C
Here the river brought you
	 Dsus4            D
And it's here the river meant
 C	    D
To be your home
 Am		   C
Now you know the truth, love
    Dsus4             D
Now forget and be content
	  Em		   C	
When the gods send you a blessing
	  Dsus4	          D
You don't ask why it was sent...

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