Steve Camp - Whatever You Ask chords

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Lord I see the things You ask of me
Faithfulness, holiness and purity
C                                           G
I love Your truth, I long to show it to the world for You
So Lord I need Your help to understand
The other person that I sometimes am
C                              D               C
I never want to live a day that I can't say to You

       G           C     Am       D
Lord, whatever You ask I want to obey You
   B7          Em          C          D
To let my life beat with a servant's heart
        G         C     Am      B7              Em         C
Lord whatever You ask I know that You can give me wisdom and courage
   G       Am        C         D     G
To equal the task, whatever You ask

I think so much, it steals away
The will to make the time to serve and pray
And there are days I don't take up Your cross and follow You
But I have learned that I can talk with You
You know everything that I am going through
If I just ask I find that You're right there
Providing me with the strength I need
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