Steve Earle - Ellis Unit One chords

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Ellis Unit One written by Steve Earle

I was fresh out of the service 
It was back in 82 
E                                    B                    A
I raised some Cain when I came back to town 
I meant to be all I could be 
Come home without a clue 
E                             B                  E
Married Dawn and had to settle down 
So I hired on at the prison 
Guess I always knew I would 
E                                B                   A
Just like my dad and both my uncles done 
Worked on every cell block 
Now, things're goin' good 
          E                             B               E
Then they transferred me to Ellis Unit One

A     B
Swing low 
E     A
Swing low 
              B        E   (repeat)
Swing low and carry me home 

E                                      A
Now, my daddy used to talk about them long nights at the walls 
    E                            B                 A
And how they used to strap em in the chair 
E                                        A
The kids down from the college and they'd bring their beer n all 
E                                           B                       A
When the lights went out, a cheer rose in the air 
I guess  folks just got too civilized 
Old Sparky's gatherin' dust 
E                          B                      A
No one wants to touch a smokin' gun 
They got that injection  now
They don't mind as much, I guess 
E                         B             E
Put em down on Ellis Unit One 

A     B
Swing low 
E     A
Swing low 
              B        E  (repeat)
Swing low and carry me home 

Well, I've seen em fight like lions, boys 
I've seen 'em go like lambs 
E                                           B                                A
And I've helped to drag em when they could not stand 
E                                           A
And I've heard their mamas cryin' when they heard that big door slam 
E                               B                      E
I've seen the victim's family's holdin' hands 
E                                             A
Last night I dreamed that I woke up with straps across my chest 
E                                             B                              A
And something cold and black pullin' through my lungs 
E                                                       A
Even Jesus couldn't save me though I know he did his best 
       E              B         E
But he don't live on Ellis Unit One 

Chorus x2
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