Steve Earle - The Low Highway chords

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Steve Earle - The Low Highway


Verse 1
Travelin' now on the low highway, three thousand miles to the Frisco Bay

Across the rivers wild and the lonesome plains

Up the coast and down and back again

      Am                                   ------------0-----------|
I saw empty houses on a dead end street    -1-1-1/3--3----3-----1--|
                                        C  -2-2-2/4--4------0-0h2--|
People linin' up for something to eat      -2-2-------------0-0h2--|
         Am                                -0-0-----------------0--|
And the ghost of America watching me       ------------------------|
Through the broken windows of the factories
        F                  C             Am                C
Pickin' bones of a better day as I roll down the low highway

Interlude   (C*)   |     |     |     ||

Verse 2
Travelin' now on the low highway by the yellow moon and the light of day

Snow white crown of the mountain tall

To the valley down where the shadows fall

Met a man with a rifle in his hand 
Been away to battle in a distant land
Taught him to hate taught him to kill
Now he's out on the road with a hole to fill
         F                 C                     
Nobody knows the price he paid 
                  Am                   C   G/B
So he's taken his toll on the low highway

Interlude   Am     |       |       |       ||x2

            C      |  C G/B|Am     |C      ||    

Verse 3
Travelin' now on the low highway, windows down, listenin'

Wheels turnin' round on the asphalt sayin'

Every sound is a prophecy

Heard an old man grumble and a young girl cry
Brick wall crumble, white dove fly
The call for justice and the cry for peace
And the voice of reason and the roar of the beast
           F                   C                  Am               C
And every mile was a prayer I prayed as I rolled down the low highway  
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