Steve Fee - Glory To God Forever chords

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Capo 4

Intro: C, G, D/F#, Em, C, G, D

Verse 1:
  Em        C        G                D/F#
Before the world was made, before you spoke it to be
Em        C        G            D/F#           
You were king of kings, yes you were, yes you were
Em                C      G                D/F#
And now you're reigning still, enthroned above all things
 Em           C        G               D/F#
Angels and Saints cry out, we join them as we sing

  C       G    D/F#    Em
Glory to God, glory to God,
  C       G     D
Glory to God forever  x2

Verse 2:
  Em     C       G                D/F#
Creator God you gave, me breath so I could praise
 Em               C       G           D/F#
Your great and matchless name, all my days, all my days
Em          C        G               D/F#
So let my whole life be, a blazing offering
Em            C          G                 D/F#     
A life that shouts and sings, the greatness of the king  

 C                G     
Take my life and let it be
D/F#            Em         
All for you and for your glory
 C                G          D
Take my life and let it be yours    x2   We sing...Back to chorus

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