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Steve Goodman - Wonderful World Of Sex tab

This piece has absolutley no intended don't think to hard.

wonderful world intro
     C   C7     F   F7    C      A     D7    G7       C     
 C7      F...       

Fill in after the first "sex"      


C                            C7
I could learn to speak Vietnamese by myself
F                           F7  
I could even teach it to my good dog Ralph
C (walk down to the A)          A  
I could learn to read you every book upon the shelf
D7                                 G7 
I could tell your fortune like the Oracle of Delphi

(same thing)
I could learn to tell you every flower by it's color
I could learn to swim as fast as Johnny Weismuller
But I couldn't ever learn to get along without you
Don't you run away from me I sure dig sex 

(second bit)
Am                            C   
Ah you can get love from your mama or your papa
Am                      C   
You can get warm from a Turkish or a sauna
Am                   C    
You can get hot from tortillas or lasagna
         D7                    G7   
But you get all three when you make it with me

(first bit chords) 
I really must confess it gets me in the solar plexus
When I think about the differences there are between the sexes
Peanut butter sandwiches are really neat
But when you get right down to it you can't compete with
Good old double-SE-double-X Faster than Batman bigger than Texas
You're concave and I'm convex Welcome to the world of sex 

(second bit chords)
Ah do I love you is the pope Catholic
Do I need you is a rubber band elastic
Do I want you is the atom bomb drastic
Let's us be heterosexually entwined 

(first bit chords)
We'd fit like a Hong Kong suit dear
I dig you more than I dig root beer
Green Giant peas need a big green pod
I spend a lotta time needin your bod
And walking around through fields of clover
Can't we lie down and talk things over
C                     A               A7   A7*                             
You never know what's coming off next do...MHHHH.. you
       D7        G7       C 
In The Wonderful World Of Sex

C7   (x32310)   
Fmaj (133211)
F7   (131211)
Amaj (x02220)
D7   (xx0212)
G7   (xx0001)
Am   (x01220)
A7   (x02020)
A7*  (x02023)  (bend the high e string here...maybe crack your voice...    
Gooch(??????)   just to keep it authentic)

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