Steve Harley - Psychomodo tab

I didn't write this tab, it's from 
but I've put it here as it's easier to find.

Sweet Dreams
Intro in G and pluck e b

   G                        D
  Pop paper people printing "Rebel Insane"
  They in my head and digging into my brain
  I need an umbrella to keep out of the rain

         C                     D
I can't hope to the pace I've made, maybe
I'll settle in the country and fade


Psychomodo (This coulb be in Ab, but it's easier to play this way)

 G                D                    Em
I been losing my head I been losing my way
                  Bm                        C
I been losing my brain cells at a million a day
                  D                       G
I been so disillusioned I'm on suicide street

I seen everything in every shape
I seen 1984 in a terrible state
I seen you Quasimodo Hanging on my gate

 D                        C
Oh he was so hung up and wasted
Oh he was so physically devastated
        Bm                       Am            Am / Bm / C / D
He was young enough He was well slung enough


Mr Soft
(e-d-e-d-e-d-e) B/D/D#/Em /Em/d /Em /Em/d-------|

 Em/D     C  D  Em       Am   Em  fill       Am

Em/D                               C                   D                 Em
Mr Soft turn around and force the world to watch the things you're going through
Mr Soft believe everything they tell you      And be damned if they'll thank you

     Am                  Em     (fill)
You paint everything so cruel
    Coming on like Mr Cool

  Am                          G                                F#
Paint your face and shut the gate Noone's not coming home 'til late


Singular Band   Mainly in E pluck around these notes (e g a b)

 E                        B                A           C            F  E
                         who will want us  who will    now... singular band


 Em/E Strum 12 String               Em
|X-X-X-4-4--4-4-0-0----playing the 4 adds b -closer to the 12---------| string sound
Hark to Roualt's white insanity        Clowns in drag concealing vani

 Asus2 (Am with c to b)              C                               Em
 ity         This is hardly Paradise  We're still in search of petty scorn......


C#m - B - A - F#m - E
Refr:  E - F#m - G#m - A - B

Intro (from Guy)
C#m          B             A           F#m               E


Bed In the Corner
 C           G           F           C

C                      G            F                 C
     I've just been speaking to the one who holds the key     when she

G               F                   C                 C
asked me if I'd like to wait and to see                       Would I

Am                 G
like to try and explain?       Would I

Em                 Am          Am  G/B
like to try and explain?       How my

C                  G               C
heart is feeling tonight with the strain?     She just said

Am                 G               Am
     I've got a    bed here for you...... I've got a

G                 Am                  G
bed   here  for  me...... So you can  look into my eyes And

   F  F/E F/D F/C F/A F/G    C
tell      me what     you   see.......

Fill after "....away from the end"



Sling It
|Am  G  |F    |

|Am     |G    |F    |G    |
Sling it


Tumbling Down

Basically repeats the same chord progression all the way through.

A C#m F#m E D A E E = 4 bars & F#m D E E are the other chords

A            C#m           F#m          E            D           A          E        E
Gee but it's hard when one lowers ones  gaurd to the vultures................
Now, me I  re-guard it a   tortuous     hardship that smoulders..............   Like a

F#m          D          E         E
peppermint    eaten    a-way..      Will I
fight, will I swagger or sway?

A            C#m           F#m          E            D           A          E        E
Hee, hee     M'Lady, she   cries like a baby to  scould us.................see her tumbling
down.............................,        tumbling down...................

Instrumental - F# D E E (x2) then back to A C#m.. etc

A            C#m           F#m          E            D           A          E        E
Oh           dear     look what they've done to the  blues       blues      blues

(A note from Hans:- This progession keeps going on, the power in this song when you 
playing soft and then louder. When building it up you should let the bass be more prominent 
2nd verse.
It should be A with G# in the bass etc....)
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