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Steve Harley - Mr Soft tab

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 INTRO                    Em/D   FILL

Em/D                               C
Mr Soft, turn around and force the world
             D                    Em
To watch the things you're going through
Em/D                             C
Mr Soft, believe everything they tell you
       D                   Em
And be damned if there’s a ‘thankyou’
Am                      Em
You paint everything so cruel
Am                Em
Coming on like Mr Cool
Am                           G
Paint your face and shut the gate
No-one's coming home till late

Ooh-la!... Cha

Don’t you know, life gets tedious enough
Without this extra grudge to bear
You so slow, shift your ideas, make your mind up
In a jiffy, let's be fair
We'll be taking off tonight
Turn off your eyes and shut the light
You’re the most, you’re so unreal
We'd all be dead without your spiel!

Ooh la! Uh, take it!


Mr Soft, go to town and bring the dawn in
In the morning, on your way
Mr Soft, put your feet upon the waters
And play Jesus for the day
And you begin to hear them mumble
Spot the Starman, rough-and-tumble
Fight the good fight, sling your axe
Watch the speaker lead the packs

Ooh! Here we go again...
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