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Steve Moakler - False Alarms chords

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Steve Moakler is a great musician and should have more tabbed songs on here.

This was done by me, I don not know if these are the true chords, but they sound darn
right. Also, forgive me because I could not find the actual lyrics to this songs anywhere
because apparently they are not even on his website or anything. I don't think this song 
was ever on a full album either... but anyway, enjoy!

Capo 3, standard tuning
C                                    G
I-i, I-i, I wish I could say it like.. I mean it
Wish I could say that I.. have seen it
Breathin' in the day-ay-light
C                                           G
I-i, I-i, I wish all the words would come un-done
And all the webs that I.. have spun...
                    F                   Am  G  F
They're coverin' my eye-eyes.... o-o-oh

C                                          G
    Oh... tell me that there's something true, I'm... blind to the sight of you,
Am                                 F
  Oh... deafened by the false alarms
C                                       G
    Oh... tell me that you've got control, oh... tell me it's the world you
Am                           F
hold in your hands... you... hold in your hands...

bridge chords:
(Am, F, C, G) X2

instrumental at the end of the verse (replaces Am,G,F) (is actually played on bass but,
wth lets just play it on the top 4 strings of the guitar for fun!)
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