Steven Curtis Chapman - You Are Being Loved chords

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This song sounds hard but is very easy to play. This is my second tab (my first tab was
"definition of Me" so look that one up, its a lot harder than this) The key that Steven
Curtis Chapman uses in his album is Db so that's what I used. on the bridge it say D/F, 
but if its easier to play a Bb flat that sounds good too. I'm not a Guitarist so I don't
know how it will turn out with that but it sounds great with a keyboard or a piano. 
Steven Curtis Chapman also has somewhat of a choir that sings with him so I included that. 
but that's optional. The song goes Verse, Chorus,Verse, Chorus, Bridge, Chorus, and then end.
Hear it is. Enjoy and God Bless you. Merry Christmas!!!!

You are Being Loved
timing 4/4
key Db
(Verse 1)
Do you think love is only for the good enough
And one thing your never gonna be worthy of  (drummer shouts, go go go go)
Gb                   Ab
But there’s a song
Gb                       Ab
Being sung over you
by the one who
Breaths life into you

Db                      Ab
you are being loved
Bb                      Gb
you are being loved
Bb                      Ab
right , now, at this very moment
Db                      Ab
you are being loved
Bb                     Gb
you are being loved
Bb                Ab
right now, you are being
Db                  Ab
loved loved loved
you are being
Bb                       Gb
loved loved  you are

(Verse 2)
Db                                Gb                                        Bb           Gb
you aught to see the smile your bringing to your fathers face
Db                                 Gb                              Bb             Gb
you aught to hear him sing his version of amazing grace
Gb                          Ab
Cause that’s that song
Gb                        Ab
being sung over you
             Gb                Ab
By the God who breaths life into you

D/F                 Gb
With every breath that you taking
D/F              Gb
and every beat of your heart
D/F               Gb
even while this song is playing
what ever you do
where ever you are
Bb            Ab
there’s a song
Bb                      Ab
being sung over you

[with choir (optional)]
Vocal sings (you are being loved) while Choir sings (there’s a song being sung over you)

End with Vocal singing      (right now)
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