Steven Curtis Chapman - Long Way Home chords

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In the intro and verse, Steven hammers on on the 1st D chord, high E string, from 0 to 2.
Also on the Bm chord on the A string, from 0 to 2.
In the first line of the verse, he plays a 3/4 measure of Bm, basically, he goes 
to the A slightly early

A   Amaj7   F#m   E   D   D/C#   Bm   Bm (A)

 1st Verse
       A                           Amaj7 
I set out on a great adventure,
                      F#m                                       E 
The day my Father started leading me home,
                       D                                                 D/C# 
Said theres gonna be mountains to climb,
                                  Bm                            A
And valleys were gonna go through.

           A                       Amaj7
But I had no way of knowing,
                 F#m                                   E 
Just how hard this journey could be,
Cause the valleys are deeper
               D/C#                                    Bm         Bm slide to C#m momentarily
And the mountains are steeper than I ever would have dreamed

D                                 F#m
    But I know were gonna make it,
D                                  F#m     E
    And I know were gonna get there soon
D                             F#m                                        Esus2      Emaj9
    And I know sometimes it seems like were going the wrong way
D                              Dm (strum Dm once)
    But its just the long way home

Turn around 
A   Amaj7   F#m   D

2nd Verse
A   Amaj7   F#m   E   D   D/C#   Bm   Bm (A)
Some rocks on my shoes,
Fears I wish I could lose,
That make the mountains so hard to climb,
And my heart gets so heavy with the weight of the world sometimes.
Theres a bag of regret,
Shouldve beens and not yets,
That keep on dragging around,
And I can hardly wait till the day I get to lay them all down.

D  F#m  D   F#m   E   D F#m   Esus2   Emaj9   D   Dm
Well I know that day is coming
And I know its gonna be here soon
And I know I wont turn back even if the whole world 
Says Im doing the wrong way
Cause its just a long way home

Bm               C#m                            C#m 
       When we cant take another step,
                           F#m                    E                        D
The Father will pick us up and carry us in His arms,
                                      Bm                                  C#m
        And even on the best days, He says to remember were not home yet,
                       Esus2                    Emaj9
So dont get too comfortable,
                      D                         Dm (strum once)
Cause really all were is just pilgrims passing through.

A   Amaj7   F#m   E   D   D/C#   Bm   Bm

Alternative Chorus
D                                F#m
    Well I know that day is coming,
D                              F#m     E 
    And I know its gonna be here soon,
D                      F#m                              Esus2                           Emaj9
   Ill keep on singing and believing what all of my songs say,
D                                    F#m
   Cause our God has made a promise,
D                                   F#m       E 
   And I know that everything He says is true,
D                              F#m                                Esus2 Emaj9 
  And he promised He would never ever leave us
                     D           Dm                      Esus2   Emaj9   
Hes gonna lead us,     Hell lead us home,
D                   Dm (Strum Dm once)   A        Amaj7
Every single step of the long way       home,

F#m                        E 
   So keep on, were gonna make it,
D                        Dm
   Were just taking the long way home,
A                     Amaj7
    Keep on were gonna make it,
F#m                E
    I know were gonna make it,
D                   Dm (strum Dm once)
    Its just a long way home.

A   Amaj7=A (strum A once)
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