Steven Curtis Chapman - See You In A Little While chords

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Tabbed by:  Matt Mink

I imagine that many people can relate to this song on some level. It's very special to
me and my family. Like Steven, we lost one of our children, and since then several of our
family members have gone to be with God. But these lyrics remind us of the hope we have 
in Christ - that one day we will join Him and our loved ones in Heaven again. Our time
here on Earth is short. We should use it the best we can. I tabbed this song by ear, so 
there may be some mistakes in the chords, but it works if you play along with the song.

Tuning:  Standard

F                                            C
I hold your hand and watch as the sun slowly fades
F                                              C
Far in the distance the Father is calling your name
         Am                 Bb
And it's time for you to go home
         Am                        Bb
And everything in me wants to hold on
        C                   G        Am
But I'm letting you go with this goodbye kiss
Bb       C
and this promise

      F                  Am
I'll SEE you in a little while
      F                  Bb
I'll SEE you in a little while
It won't be too long now
      F                   Am
We'll SEE it on the other side
             F                    Bb
The wait was only the blink of an eye
   Bb                    C
So I'm not gonna say goodbye
            Bb           C      F (if not going to bridge)
'Cause I'll SEE you in a little while

F                                        C
And just one more thing before I let you go
Please tell my little girl I love her
Though I'm sure she already knows
            Am                        Bb
And ask the Father to please tell the Son
            Am                           Bb
That we're ready and waiting for Him to come


C                             Bb
Maybe you'll teach me all the songs they sing in heaven
C                                Bb
Maybe you'll show me how you can fly
And I'll hear you laugh again
And we won't remember when
G                         Bb                C
We were not together and this time it's forever

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