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Steven Curtis Chapman - I Am Found In You tab

"I am Found in You"
Steven Curtis Chapman
Written by SCC Tabbed by Britt Taylor(

Tune guitar down a half step(Eb Ab Db Gb Bb Eb)
Bb -----3--------3--------3--------3------| (Repeat)
Gb -----0--------0--------0--------0------|
Db -3---------2---------1--------0--------|
Ab ---------------------------------------|
Eb 3---------3---------3--------3---------|

Verse: Play intro 2x. Third time play:

D---------------- Em----- C
So where else could I turn
D------------------- Em----- C
And where else could I go
D----------- Em------- C
You have given me life
Bm--------------------- C
You have made me whole
E/B------------------------ Em
You have rescued my soul
-------------Am---------- G/B
So where else could I go
For I am Found in You (Verse)

Second chorus +
C--------------------------- Em
Lord without you this child would be so lost
----------Am------------------------ G/B
But I'm found in You, now I'm bound to You
By the love that you shown, it will not let me go
For the outro keep playing the chorus chords (D Em C) and they will fit.
Believe me. God Bless.
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