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Stevens Cat - Morning Has Broken tab

e: Wed, 11 Mar 1998 09:38:08 +1000
From: Kevin Woodgate 
Subject: s/stevens_cat/

            MORNING HAS BROKEN     Cat Stevens
from Tea for the tillerman album

Transcribed by K Woodgate

Easy melody Version

  C                        Dm      G                     F          C
E --------------|--------|-------|--------------------|---------|----------|
B --------------|-1------|-3-----|-0------------------|-----0---|----------|
G ---------0----|--------|-------|--------2-----0-----|---2--2--|---0------|
D -----2--------|--------|-------|--------------------|---------|----------|
A -3------------|--------|-------|--------------------|---------|----------|
E --------------|--------|-------|--------------------|---------|----------|
  Morn-ing has    brok -   en,     like   the   first     morn  -   ing
  Sweet the rain's new     fall,   sun  -  lit  from      heav  -    en
  Mine  is  the    sun  - light,   mine   is    the       morn  -   ing

                   Em        Am     D7sus                 D        G
E --------------|--------|-------|--------------------|---------|----------|
B --------------|--------|-------|--------------------|---------|----------|
G --------------|--0-----|--2----|---0----------------|---------|----------|
D ------0----2--|--------|-------|--------2-----------|---0-----|----------|
A -3------------|--------|-------|--------------3-----|---------|----------|
E --------------|--------|-------|--------------------|---------|----------|
  Black-bird has    spok  -   en,   like  the   first     bird
  Like the first   dew   -   fall,   on   the   first     grass
  Born of  the     one      light,  E  -  den   saw       play

  C              F                C                       Am        D
E --------------|--------|-------|--------------------|---------|----------|
B --------------|--1-----|-------|--------------------|---------|----------|
G -0---------0--|--------|--2----|-0------------------|---------|----------|
D -------2------|--------|-------|----------2---------|---------|---0------|
A --------------|--------|-------|---------------3----|--3------|----------|
E --------------|--------|-------|--------------------|---------|----------|
  Praise for the  sing  -  ing,    praise  for   the      morn  -   ing
  Praise for the  sweet -  ness    of      the   wet      gar   -   den
  Praise with e - la    -  tion,   praise  ev  - ery      morn  -   ing

  G                C          F      G7                  C     
E ---------------|--------|-------|--------------------|---------|---------||
B ---------------|--------|-------|--------------------|---------|---------||
G ---------------|-0------|--2----|--------------------|---------|---------||
D -2-----0---2---|--------|-------|-0------2-----0-----|---------|---------||
A ---------------|--------|-------|--------------------|--3------|---------||
E ---------------|--------|-------|--------------------|---------|---------||
  Praise for them spring   -  ing   fresh  from  the      world
  Sprung in com - plete    -  ness  where   his  feet     pass
  God's re - cre - a       -  tion of      the  new      day
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