Stevie Wonder - They Wont Go When I Go chords

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   / Stevie Wonder                 /
  / They Won't Go When I Go       /
 / Fulfillingness' First Finale  /   time: 3/4
/_______________________________/   tempo: 59 bpm

A: | F#m  [ch]C#7/G#[/ch] | [ch]F#m/A[/ch]  [ch]G#dim/B[/ch] | [ch]F#m/C#[/ch]  [ch]G#dim/D[/ch] | [ch]F#m/E[/ch]  [ch]C#7/F[/ch] |

A +| F#m | F#m |

A +| F#m | F#m | F#m | F#m |

A, No more lying friends
   Wanting tragic ends
   Though they do pretend
   They won't go when I go 


A, All those bleeding hearts
   With sorrows to impart
   Were right here from the start
   And they won't go when I go 

B: | F#m   B7 | E7   A7 | D7   G7 | C7   F7 | Bb7  Eb7 | Ab7  C#7 |

   And I'll go where I've longed
   To go so long away from tears 

  +| F#m | F#m |

A +| F#m | F#m |

A, Gone from painful cries
   Away from saddened eyes
   Along with him I'll bide
   And they won't go when I go 


A, Big men feeling small
   Weak ones standing tall
   I will watch them fall
   'Cause they won't go when I go 

B +| F#m | F#m |

C: | F#m | D | F#m | B9 |
   | F#m | D | F#m | B9 |

   | E | E/G# | A7 | D |
   | C#+ | Am/C | B7 |

   Unclean minds mislead the pure
   The innocent will leave for sure
   For them there is a resting place
   People sinning just for fun
   They will never see the sun
   For they can never show their faces

   There ain't no room for the hopeless sinner
   Who will take more than he will give, he will give, he will give
   He ain't hardly gonna give

A +| F#m | F#m |

A, The greed of man will be
   Far away from me
   And my soul will be free
   They won't go when I go 


A, Since my soul conceived
   All that I believe
   The kingdom I will see
   'Cause they won't go when I go 

B, And I go where I'll go
   No one can keep me from my destiny
  [fermat on C#7, end on F#m]

A [fermat on [ch]C#7/F[/ch], end on F#m]

Jon Sebastian Frederiksen  3rd /September /13
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