Storm Large - Call Me Crazy chords

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Call me crazy, coz I am,

    Em         E
And alive, and alive,

Am                      A7            D7
That's the way I turn a nosedive into flight

Call me psycho, coz I am,

         Em                   E
And I am alive, thank God I'm alive,

Am                      A7           D7
I make music out of the voices in my mind,

C                                       A
And this crazy, helps me to see this as funny,

                           G  D    C  D   G
Makes me feel rich with no mo-ney, ho-ney pie,

And my brain goes, over and over it, 

A                              G   D   C    D  D7
oh no, can't get away from the sha-dow land-mi-ines,

Do VERSE again:
Call me later, just to see,
See that I got home alive,
Woah oh and I'm alright,
I'm just kidding, you know me,
I'll be fine,

Do CHORUS again, then:

Call me crazy, coz I am,

And baby thank God I'm alive.
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