Storyhill - Paradise Lost chords

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Standard Tuning - Capo 1

Riff 1

          Em               C/G
Everybody wants a piece of paradise
               G                   D
A house upon a hill with a view of heaven
               Em		C/G
Now everyone's here so close together
	    G              D
Paradise is lost and gone forever

             C/G				G
When we were young we used to walk out in those fields
	D		        Am
And run forever in the backyard woods
	C/G		        D       G
Now the old trails disappear in neighborhoods
	     D                     Riff 1
With streets after what's gone for good

The hills above town used to be the best place
For starry eyed lovers and inspiration
Now it's all paved
Every street's a dead end
And empty summer houses stand all along them

	    C      G
Now there's no trespassing
	D        Am
There's no going back again
       C	  G
I only hope you remember
           D		Am
The way it was, what we had back then


Everybody wants a piece of paradise
A house up on the hill with a view of heaven
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