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Strait George - Easy Come Easy Go tab

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This is a great little known Rory song (aren't they all all, unfortunatley) from his 

The song begins with a build up using the Am chord and this fill:


Am                         (Fill)
From easy come and easy go,
Dm          G      C       (Fill)
Now you're not so carefree.
Am                                  (Fill)
You found the thorn behind the rose,
Dm            G      C    (Fill)
You took it, oh, so badly.

Lost inside yourself,
Am                           G/Am
You've gotta break out soon.
You've gotta try again
To hear a brand new tune.
Oh Yeah...

Once easy come and easy go,
You just hear sad notes lately.
You used to fly and chase the wind,
I don't know you lately.

Don't take it, oh, so bad,
Things are gonna change.
Don't make it, oh, so sad,
The sun will shine again.

(guitar solo)(use Am Pentatonic/C Major Scales - over the verse then chorus chord progressions)

Middle 8:

Please don't lock me out,
What's it all about?
I'll change it all completely.
Won't you let me in,
Don't you need a friend?
If I can help, just call me.

I'm easy come and easy go,
Don't paint it all so sadly.
Before you know the light will shine,
Don't burn out completely.

Locked inside yourself,
You've gotta break out soon.
Come on and try again,
And hear a different tune

As for the bass guitar, Gerry MacAvoy bassicaly (GEDDIT?) plays the root notes of each 
but with the odd fill between notes - again play around in the above scales with it - 
music is all about jamming etc, so you dont have to be too accurate!

And thats about it! its a great chord progression for lead playing especially using the 
Pentatonic and C Major scales!

So just have a play about and enjoy!
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