Strand Of Oaks - Little Wishes chords

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Strand of Oaks - Little Wishes 

This is a beautiful song from the "Dark Shores" album played using an acoustic 
guitar and a pretty little picking pattern.  You'll have to listen to the song to 
figure it out, I can't picture it in my head.  

You can see him play it here:

Great band, great song.  Enjoy.   Please correct me if anything is amiss. 

C    (E 010230 E)
F/C  (E 012330 E)
F    (E 112331 E)
Am   (E 012200 E)
G    (E 330032 E)
C/G  (E 010233 E)



C > F/C (x2)

C                  F/C
The littlest house on the beach 
    C                                  F/C
We made with littlest stones, gathered beneath 
    Am                      G
The shadiest pines, and the coolest breeze 
    Am                   G
Theres so much time, to build these things 
C                          F/C
When you still love me 

C  > F/C

F                    Am
You say that Im not myself 
I know Ive changed 
F                      Am
Switch me with someone else 
G                           C/G      
It'd be a boring day on the beach 

F/C  >  C/G  >  F/C  >  C/G  >  Am  >  G

C/G                     F/C
I wait for the night, to set my flares 
     C/G                     F/C
Then I point them to sky and hope youd be there 
Am                  G
A flicker of light, neon stretches water 
Am                       G
Theres no more time, to build this shelter 

C/G                       F/C
Just love me again 
C/G                       F/C
Just love me again 
C/G                       F/C
Just love me again
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