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Strawbs - October To May tab

Am             Dm               Am 
Summer's gone come chill October days
              F         G        C
We will stroll through russet trees
              G        F      Em    Am        F
Through the fallen leaves of oak and sycamore
               Em           Am  G  F G      Am
That carpet earth through harsh midwinter freeze.
                        Dm              Am
Fireworks and children with eyes that sparkle bright
     F        G             C
In November's Guy Fawkes flames
          G       F  Em        Am     F         
Parents thinking of their forgotten years
         Em    Am     G    F      G      Am 
As they join in with their children's games.
                  Dm          Am
December brings nostalgic Santa Claus
           F         G        C
Toys and shining Christmas trees
          G       F         Em     Am    F
Families huddled close round their open fires
         Em       Am  G   F G   Am   
As they wait for winter's grip to ease.

Am  Dm     Am      F          G            C 

G        F             Em          Am        F

 Em                    Am     G  F G      Am

Am               Dm          Am           
Seaside piers, iron girders gaunt and still
         F           G    C       
Gone the crowds of yesterday
       G      F   Em      Am       F
Icy fingers still in the sea at night
         Em      Am  G    F     G    Am
Sad and empty tears the first of May.

 G        F             Em          Am        F

 Em                    Am     G  F G      Am
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