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Straylight Run - Sunrise Highway Your Name Here tab

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Hey,first tab for me here.I think some of the other tabs were just a bit off so I
I'd just clean it up a bit. Great band and such a lovely song.  Enjoy! you can friend me

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G        Em
Your name here,
Believe me it's not what you think,
G        Em
Wish what you want,
     C               D
It's all the same to me,
Well, not really,
But anyway,
Its just there's nothing so simple,
Nothing so silly,
C             D
Nothing so mundane,


G  D       Em      C
Go east on Sunrise Highway,
Turn left at Carman's Avenue,
Go right at the first stoplight,
And I'll be outside waiting for you,
Oh, I'll be waiting for you,

Verse 2: Same as Verse 1
Your name in lights,
It was only a matter of time,
Your name in parenthesis,
You can't see...
Cause after this mess,
I guess you bet,
That I'd collapse before you do,
Well maybe that's true,
Or maybe it's not at all,

Chorus x2
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