Straylight Run - Words We Say tab

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Straylight Run – The Words We Say (Chords)

      D       A       F#m      E
D|----0---------------4-------------6----| (x2)
Note this is obviously not played on guitar in the actual version – and to play the last 
of the intro essentially play a D chord but slid up 2 frets so you’re playing 454xxx – 
can play the bottom E open optionally


D       A      F#m       E         D
  We’ll wait in line for most our lives.
        A 	F#m 	   E        D
  Get out, get in, get on with it.
      A 	  F#m      		E            D
  We always hurt the ones we never really love.
      A 		F#m      		E            D
  We always think we’re all alone, we’re always...
      A 	F#m      		E            D
  Wrong...                  We’re always...
      A 	F#m     	E

      D   E  A
The words we say
     D    E    A
Take diff’rent shapes.

D A F#m E (x2)

D 		  A    F#m       	    E     		    D
  We’ll live and die with all the things we recognize.
 		A      F#m        E      D
  We’ll count our sins. Stop now. Begin.
 	A        F#m      		 E             D
  We know the words are better left unspoken when
    A       F#m            E               D
  They’ll be right in to tear the heads off of us.
		    A       F#m            E               D
  Oooh...                tear the heads off of us.
	   	    A       F#m            E               D



    D            Bm
And you can only do so much
   G                A       D
To try and get your point across...

D A F#m E (x4)

No Guitar – but essentially it is still playing over the same chords which I have but in 
(not actually played on the record – but if you want to play them till the end then 
they are)

(D) 	  (A)      (F#m)             (E)     	  (D)
   I’ll live and die with all the things I recognize.
       (A)       (F#m)      (E)    (D)
  I’ll count our sins  Stop now  Begin
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