Streetlight Manifesto - Your Day Will Come chords

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I think this is fairly alright.

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Intro / Chorus

G Bm
G Bm
G Bm F#

G Bm F#
G Bm E G

Bm      G               D
A young lady leaves her mother
With no one to love her
G                       D
To protect her from the world

Bm  G               D
And I have seen the monsters
That will haunt her
          G            D
That will tear her all apart

Bm         A          D         G
And at her gravestone we will remember
Bm            A             D            G
Just where we were when you knew she would go
Bm            A      D                G
And I still remember that day that we left her
Bm              A             G          Gm
Thatís when she said that she knows how it goes

And we sang:
G              Bm
"Your day will come
G             Bm
Your day will come
G             Bm     F#
Your day will come"

G                  Bm    F#  
And no matter what they say
G                      Bm             E
It won't matter if you pray or if you sin
G                              Bm          
'Cause in the end itís all the same

Aaaaaaand, repeat chord progression used in opening verse.


Intro/Chorus: G Bm - G Bm - G Bm F# - G Bm F# - G Bm E G

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