Striking Matches - When The Right One Comes Along chords

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The tuning is standard. 1/2 step down to take advantage of the open strings.  It's
played fingerstyle, so use as few bar chords as possible.  The Bm is particular is played
with only one or two strings to get the right voicing.  There are some other altered 
chords, but this is an accurate tab of the song, unlike the others.

D          G   D        Bm  G
There's no music, no confetti
D            G   D                  A
Crowds don't cheer, and bells don't ring
D          G    D         Bm  A  G
but you'll know it, I can guarantee
         G         A7         D
when the right one comes along

What they're thinkin', what you're feelin,
You no longer have to guess
All those questions are finally put to rest
When the right one comes along

Gm7                 D               Gm7             D    A/C#
Every single broken heart      will lead you to the truth
Bm                             F#m7
you think you know what you're lookin for
                G                A7
til what you're lookin for finds you

In a cold world, it's a warm place
where you know you're supposed to be
A million moments full of sweet relief
when the right one comes along


It's so easy, nothin' to it
though you may not believe me now
But I promise that you'll find out
When the right one comes along

D        G   D           Bm   A  G
All that changes is only everything
         G         A      D
when the right one comes along
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