Stu Larsen - The Black Tree chords

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Stu Larsen - The Black Tree

      E       B/C#      B       A

E  B/C#  B  A  x2

Break: (play between verses)
      E       B/C#      B       A

Verse 1:
E              B/C#               B                    A
  Black tree remember me from the time when we used to talk?
E              B/C#                        B           A
  How strange, things have changed i don't know you anymore
        E                      B/C#          B              A
But you stayed the same that's why i came, i need your clarity
     E                 B/C#            B           A
'Cos i find peace as i sit beneath your familiarity

Verse 2:
E              B/C#               B              A
  Black tree remember me? i'm the one who moved away
E            B/C#           B                A 
  Yeah i know i've grown so much since yesterday
         E                 B/C#              B               A     
And it's been so long that it feels wrong to ask anything of you
    E                   B/C#            B                 A    
But i'm more lost than i ever was and i need to know your truth

Verse 3:
E              B/C#      B            A 
  Black tree remember me? i hoped you might
E           B/C#        B                   A
  I was sure you saw me running through the night
   E                   B/C#                 B             A
So i cried out, yeah i screamed so loud for you to rescue me
    E               B/C#           B         A 
But i was found without a sound in your company y-y

E  B/C#  B  A

      E  B/C#  B  A

Verse 4:
E              B/C#      B               A 
  Black tree remember me for the rest of time
E          B/C#         B              A 
  When i go i hope they lay me by your side
     E                       B/C#       B                   A 
'Cos you stand tall, will you ever fall? i know you never will
E                   B/C#   B               A 
You'll be free for eternity on the other side

         E    B/C#    B    A
That old hill                 x12
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