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Date: Sunday November 17, 2002 
Subject: d/davis_stuart/
Asshole World Renown by Stuart Davis from the album 16 Nudes
Submitted by Dave (

Standard Tuning: EADGBE


Progression 1:
    B      E     A    F#         B     E     A7       F#
     1     2     3    4          1     2     3    4

Progression 2:
    B      E     A    F#         B     E     A    F#
     1     2     3    4          1     2     3    4

Mute chord progression 2 during verses.

Progression 3:
   D         A           E         A           D         A
   1    2    3    4      1    2    3    4      1    2    3    4

   G         F#          "Asshole world re-    nown
   1    2    3    4       1       2
E|-3--------------0-----|-------------------|  Back into 
B|-3----------------0---|-------------------|  progression 1.

Verse 1 w/Progression 2:

B     E             A      F#
Bored stiff with my wallet fat
    B        E      A    F#  
I ordained myself a diplomat
B        E              A   F#
bought a plane and some aerosol
B          E       A  F#        B   E  A  F# 
sprayed my name on    China's Wall

Verse 2 w/Progression 2:
       B          E        A       F# 
Then I pissed all over the Kremlin steps
B         E    A    F#
punched a monk in Tibet
    B            E              A       F# 
got drunk and disordered in the old Big Apple
B      E     A    F#         B   E   A   F#
passed gas in the Cistine Chapel

Verse 3 with Progression 3:
D                        A
I've thrown darts at the Mona Lisa
E                        A
tied lead weights to the tower of Pisa
D                      A
sold salt water in the big Sahara
       G                  F#
then I took a shit in the Riviera

Asshole World Renown

Progression 2, one time no vocal

Verse 4 with Progession 2:

Went to Rome and spread V.D.
robbed the homeless in Tahiti
was slapped by a woman in the great Euphrates
kidnapped kids in the slums of Haiti

Verse 5 with Progression 2:
Play high E string open on all chords

Poisoned livestock in Korea
tainted foodshelves in Tanzania
torched Saigon like a Buddhist pyro
slashed tires in the streets of Cairo

Verse 6 with Progression 2:
keep playing F# at "my bare hands"
right into the next verse.

I chucked eggs at Castro's doorway
I once puked on the king of Norway
for eighteen days I roamed Japan
choking little kittens with my bare hands

Verse 7 with Progression 3:

Stuck my gum on Venus De Milo
did Zimbabwe shooting rhinos
ran nude straight through Nepal
spit my chew in the Taj Mahal

Asshole World Renown

End with progression 1.
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