Sublime - Romeo tab

Romeo by Sublime
Second Hand Smoke

a great track, was released after Bradley's death
R.I.P dude

So I borrowed the chords from another tab online (on and i
figured out how to do the verse. it's not perfect but it'll sound just fine:

Slight Flanger

Intro (upstrokes):

Cm    Ab      Bb     G  G7

Cm          Ab      Bb          G

Verse 1:
Cm                    Ab
I have a secret place inside my mind,
Bb                      G
where I keep hidden inspiration you will find.
Cm                      Ab
And when my petty anger goes to my head,
Bb                              G7
you'll find I'm better off dead.

***Now the rest of the chords will be picked with a similar patern***

       F       Ab       G
Oh, and I don't hold the key,
   C        Bb      Eb     Bb  C
to find out what is killing me,
F         Ab G            C   Bb  Ab      G      Ab  G
its, been so long but somehow i just still care,

Cm   C#     Cm   C#              Cm    C#   ...
I am a Romeo, am a Romeo, with no place to go

**Same throughout the rest of the song**

Sometimes I think you hate me, hang up the phone,
but take a closer look, this hate I feel is my own.
So many times I've loved you, more than myself,
it's time to take that love and put it on the shelf.
Oh, and when I hold you tight,
it makes me want to scream and fight.
Love turned to hate,
some how it's just, how it's just,
how it's just to late.

Chorus Same as above chorus
I am a Romeo, am a Romeo with no place to go

Verse 3: Slower but same chords
Rock the reggae music, cuz it sounds so fine, right!
When I hold you tight, in my arms you are mine,
but in the morning when I wake up and I still feel the same,
I know something goin on and I know who's to blame.

*Speeds up*
Everytime I tell you I'm the real Romeo,
it fills my soul and heart with anger, pain, and sorrow.
Cuz' somthings going on and I think you should know,
so listen to my rhyme, cuz this is how it goes:

In a tight mini short in a short mini skirt,
it feels so wrong and it feels so right.
the more I think about it your a pain in the ass,
I told you many times, this time it's gonna last.
Want the kind of woman who can make me feel right,
not sloppy drunk sex on a Saturday night. cuz,

I am a Romeo, am a Romeo with no place to go

Chords over the solo are Cm-Ab-Bb-G





Verse 3: (Ends with a two chord progression   Cm-Bb)
Pull up your honey if you gotta one see,
because your down with the style, cuz your down with me. oh,
rig the selector when your on the mixer,
along with Peter Mitchell upon the echo chamber. Two, one,
no they must see but no, they can't test me.
Two, three of them come and say you cant test me.
Because me rock the reggae music in a different stylee.
Me rock the kinda reggae music right on time, because your down with the
band that they call Sublime, right?

Don't take it too slow, don't take me wrong,
me know which way to go, me, me, me, me alright,
me rock the reggae music day and all night.

Makes you wanna explode,
makes me wanna explode,
makes me wanna explode,
makes you wanna explode,
sometimes it makes you wanna explode.

And thanks again to ttabs, i had all this written out on paper, but you had it typed up
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