Suede - Beautiful Ones chords

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C                   D7
High on diesel and gasoline,
Psycho for drum machine
              E           G
Shaking their bits to the hits

Verse 2:
C                    D7
Drag acts, drugs and suicides
In your dad's suits you hide
         E           G
Staining his name again

Verse 3:
C                      D7
Cracked up, shacked up, 22
Psycho for sex and glue
         E         G
Lost it Bostick, yeah

Verse 4:
C                                D7
Shaved heads, raves heads, on the pill
Got too much time to kill
         E            G
Get into bands and gangs

C                   Em
Here they come, the beautiful ones
    F               G
The beautiful ones

Verse 5:
C                         D7
Loved up, doved up, hung around,
Stoned in a lonely town
              E            G
Shaking their meat to the beat

   [verse 1]

You don't think about it
You don't do without it
               F          G
Because you're beautiful
            C            Em
And If your baby's going crazy     }
               F                   }x3
That's how you made me             }

   ['la, la, la....' to verse chords - fade out]
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