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Sufjan Stevens - Good Man Is Hard To Find chords

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(From the KCRW sessions Part 6 on you tube)

There is one main chord progression that runs through out the song; it goes a little 
something like this:

Capo 6:
Asus2 | C | G | D/F# | C | G | D/F#

Listen carefully to the recording to get the changes and timing correct.  Also, he 
embellishes the strumming with a number of seemingly random pull-offs that can be figured out 
fairly easily but are difficult to transcribe.

During the doo doo parts their is a small melody played with your fingering pinky while 
strumming/plucking the chords  it is on the B string over the Asus2 and G chords as such:

B--3-2-0--|           |--3-2-0--|
Asus2     | C         | G       | D/F# |

Additionally I'm doing this from memory without a guitar in hand, and if I'm correct the 
C-G-D/F# part of the progression is omitted from this section of the song.

Note that the doo doo part is also played during the outro.

A great tune, corrections are welcomed.
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