Sun Kil Moon - Gentle Moon tab

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Artist: Sun Kil Moon
Song: Gentle Moon
Album: Ghosts of the Great Highway
Tabbed by: Don Tago

Standard Tuning (Capo I)

C: 032010
D: 000232
G: 320033

(I know the following riffs arenít EXACT, but they sound good and are relatively close)
-these riffs are played overtop the chords listed above them

Riff 1: (this Riff is played throughout intro/verses)   
    G              C

Riff 2: (play this Riff during Pre-Chorus)
   D                C
B|------3---5---3-----3---3---1---1-| x4

Riff 3: (Play this Riff during Chorus)
   G                C              Em             C
B|----3---3---3---3---1---3-1-0------0---0---0---0-0-1-3-0-1-3-0--| x2

Intro: G-C x4

Verse 1 Chords: (riff 1)
 G                C              G                     C
Smile down on us sun, show your rays when things come undone 
G            C            G                  C
All animals lead, us to light when we can't see 
G                 C                G                   C
Stars, saturn and moon, glow for those who cannot get through 
G             C                 G                         C
Rain fall and voice sound for those of whom still are not found 

Pre-Chorus Chords: (riff 2)
D        C     D           C   D          C     D           C        G-C x2
  gentle moon,   find us soon,     gentle moon,    find us soon, ahh

Verse 2: Use verse 1 chords (riff 1)
Black sky and black sea, lighten up, when we can't breathe 
All dreams escape fire, over worlds, fly but won't tire 
Slow down on us wind, hold us still, when everything spins 
All secrets and lies, let them out 

Pre-Chorus Chords: (riff 2)
Dreams escape fire, they won't tire, dreams escape fire, they won't tire 

Chorus Chords: (riff 3)
G         C    Em          C    G          C  Em          C
   gentle moon,   find us soon,   gentle moon,   find us soon 

Verse 3: Use verse 1 Chords (riff 1)
All calendars pass, days die off, and hope cannot last 
But if love was like stone, then yours was mine, through to my bones 
But how can we give back to those, with whom we can't live 
When will the flame break and spare the good people it takes 

Pre-Chorus Chords: (riff 2)
Awe, souls escape fire, they rise higher, souls escape fire, they rise higher 

Chorus Chords: (riff 3)
Gentle moon, find us soon, gentle moon, find us soon (repeat till fade out)
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