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Sundays - Your Eyes chords

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Chords by Paul Wingham from The Sweet Fantastic.
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I love this song so enjoy!!!

The Sundays
Your Eyes from the album Static and Silence (1997)

Verse 1:
    E               Emsus4
you ask me why I'll tell you then 
    E                 Emsus4 
two worlds collide we bury them 
      E               Emsus4 
were far to drunk to see these 
things as they are 
Verse 2:
    E	              Emsus4 
you painted me and I sat quite still 
  E            Emsus4 
a tiny room in Notting Hill 
       E               Emsus4 
it was far too dark to look at these 
things as they are 
A             E            E3          G 
I've seen the light vanish out of your eyes 
E  E3  G         E     E3  G	     E 
oh no, from your eyes, oh, so goodbye 
Verse 3:
    E               Emsus4 
you tell me now I'm young and wild 
    E                     Emsus4 
you spare the rod and you spoil the child 
    E                  Emsus4            G
Id love to stay but I think Im  off to Japan 


          E     E3 G   E     E3     G 
from your eyes, oh no, where has it gone 
E    E3        G	  D 
your eyes have lost their shine 

Break:  E   E3   G   E

define: capo 2nd fret  Emsus4: 200200, E3: 000200
The Emsus4 you split the difference on the E chord, raising your middle finger 
to the 6th string, 2nd fret and lowering your ring finger to the 3rd 
string, 2nd fret. 

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