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Sundrive - A Day Like Today tab

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Quite simple this one. 

On a day like today 
            Bm7         Em7
The sun is melting the ground 
Honey rays peek their way 
       Bm7            Em7
Thru a break in the cloud 
Now you can almost taste the sunshine 
Bm7            Em7
Dancing in the air 
Close your eyes 
Crack a smile 
          Bm7         E
Cos the sunshine is here

You could say 
That he gave much more 
      E7          A
Than anyone ever asked him to 
            E          Emaj7
We should pray for the rain 
          E7               A
It's a party he can't be invited to 
Well you know the truth 
        Am7            Cmaj7
It's a gift to me and you

On a day like today 
The sand is turning to glass 
And the kids in the park 
Burn their feet on the grass 
Now you can almost surf this heat wave 
Watch the water flame 
Take a shot of your life 
Cos it will never be the same

It's the same all through apart from the last chorus which goes

E, Emaj7, E7, A, Am7  and ends on an E chord instead of the Cmaj7. (label)
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