Sunrise Avenue - Lifesaver chords

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Sunrise Avenue  Lifesaver   Capo: 4

"My first Song"

Start: Single Notes on G- und D-String:
D = A-D     Bm = H-F#     G= G-D      A = A-E

Intro: D (a-d)   8x

  D           (A)    Bm  I  G              (A)        D  I
I find it to hard to win        Back on the ground again 
D            (A)    Bm(6) A(2)G             (A)       D
  I feel like giving in        But you're my second wind
          G     D             Bm       D
Don't you ever tire    Facing all my fires 
           G                           A
I don't need     no one but you right now   So, I say

D   I                 G                D
Oh, my friend, you're holding out your hand
  G               D            G                  
I take it like an oar from the depth
D        F#m        G              F#m       
Hey, Lifesaver, I'm drowning in despair
           G               D               G
But you're fighting for me right until the end. 
     I                           I             D                       
You pull me back to land   and save me once (again)

     D       A    Bm  I          G          A       D  
You help me wash away        The insane mistakes I made 
D            A       Bm  I    G           A        D
And I see it in your face        My only source of grace
            G        D                     Bm          D
No, I don't take for granted       All the time you've wasted 
       G                 A
Making sacrifices for a fool       So, I say


 Bm                     G            D
(You lift me higher)    You hold the fire
Bm            A          G               A   A I I I
Made up stand tall   But without you I'd fall 


D            G      D        G         D  A     D
ohohoh Oh    ohohoh oh oh    ohohoh    oh oh    Oh
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