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Superdrag - Sucked Out tab


Date: Tue, 30 Jul 1996 20:12:02 -0400
Subject: TAB: Sucked Out by Superdrag

"Sucked Out"
by Superdrag
Transcribed by

Intro: arpeggiated versions of verse progression

    F5     C5  Dm5  A5 Bb5  F5  C5
Eb ---------------------------------------------
Bb ---------------------------------------------
Gb -10----------7-------3-------5--------------- 
Db -10-----10---7---7---3---3---5---------------
Ab -8------10---5---7---1---3---3--------------- 
Eb --------8--------5-------1-------------------
   Look around...

    Dm          A          Gm          C
Eb -5-------------------------------------------------
Bb -6-----------5-----------3----------5--------------
Gb -7-----------6-----------3----------5--------------
Db -7-----------7-----------5----------5-------------- 
Ab -5-----------7-----------5----------3-------------- 
Eb -------------5-----------3-------------------------
   Kissing the bride...    This is my dream...

Chorus: (bass)
Gb ----------------------------------------------- 
Db ----------------------------------------------- 
Ab -------------------------------------3--------- 
Eb -6--------6-5---5---3--------3--1p0-1----------
   Who sucked out the feeling?
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