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Susan Mckeown - Eggs In Her Basket chords

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Eggs In Her Basket
Susan McKeown
From the album Sweet Liberty

Played in 3/4 time

      Am                      Dm
It's of two young sailor lads out a-walking
      Am                 G     G7     E
Their pockets being both lined with gold
   Am                      Dm
As they went a-walking and civilly talking
     Am          Dm          E     Am
Some fair pretty damsel they do behold. 

  Am               Dm
O lady, lady can I carry your basket?
          Am                    G   G7  E
O there's eggs in the basket oh do take care,
    Am                      Dm
And if you should chance to outwalk me,
       Am      Dm                E        Am
At the halfway house you'll find me later there. 

         Am                 Dm
So these two young men they start out walking
   Am                  G   G7   E
Until they come to the halfway house
  Am                          Dm
O landlord, landlord have you any bacon?
    Am    Dm          E           Am
For in my basket I've got eggs to fry. 

   Am                    Dm
So that landlord he went to the basket
  Am                G    G7    E
A-thinking he'd got eggs to fry
  Am                   Dm
O say young man ain't you mistaken?
      Am      Dm     E           Am
O for in this basket we've got a child. 

   Am                 Dm
Up steps this Nancy o dearest Nancy
         Am                G   G7  E
That had taken to bed last Whitsuntide
   Am                           Dm
We got this young child since I came your fancy
   Am      Dm      E             Am
So now gay fiddler you've got to pay. 

     Am                Dm
That child's not ours, lovely Nancy
     Am                     G        G7 E
He's no babe o' mine nor no friend's beside
    Am                  Dm
But I will take it I'll kindly treat it
   Am       Dm         E       Am
If you will say all my money's paid. 

   Am                     Dm
Oh that young man went up to the basket
     Am                      G   G7  E
He's kicked it around and around the floor
    Am                      Dm
Oh since it is done I will surely pay it
     Am        Dm       E        Am
But damn me if I do eat eggs anymore.

                    (slowly   )
Am       Dm      C   Am  E   Am
/// /// /// /// /// /// /// ///
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