Sweet Alibi - Tortuguero chords

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This is my first tab, and I'm not 100% certain on the accuracy, I've searched all 
over and there's no where to find the actual lyrics, so I wrote them down myself 
when I put this tab together!


Standard Tuning

Capo on 2nd fret

C             G        C
From san hose to tortuguero
C         G               C 
I'm on my way to find my friends
      E7  Am         F
If I find myself incognito
          C       G        C
Then I'll sing my way back home

     C  G             C
The su-un is brightly shining
    E7    Am       F
The wind is barely there
C         G
Tico, my love
Is still playing
     C        G  
The songs of love
We sang before

     C         G        C
From Tortuguero to Fortuna
C            G             C  
Simple plays oh da oh da ta da
     E7  Am     F
Our feet move in circles
        C         G        C 
And we danced our way back home

     C G            C       
The mo-on is slowly rising
    E7     Am 
The wind is getting cold
And I'm tired

C       G              C  
Tico my love is still playing
        C         G
And we danced our way
Back home
       C          G        C  F  C  
And we danced our way back ho-o-ome
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