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Sweet - Sixties Man tab

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Intro: F Bflat F Bflat

F                                Bflat
Take me now, I think I'm a simple man

     F                                  Bflat
Just need some lovin' and an easy living plan

     C                            F     Bflat F
But everyday now someone pulls my line

Bflat                  C                    F
Shakes me up and says "Hey you gotta get in time"

F                                Bflat
Sunny days are over and gone for good

F                                       Bflat
Wake up boy, you ain't working like you should
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     C                               F    Bflat F
Well I know now I'm a man out of his place

Bflat          C            F
Don't have a 1980's kind of face


             C7                     F       
'Cause I'm a sixties man at last I know it's true

C7                             F
Woodstock nights, oh where are you?

C7                            F
Strawberry fields and San Francisco too

             Aflat          Bflat                 C
'Cause I'm a sixties man at heart and baby so are you

             Aflat          Bflat                 C7
'Cause I'm a sixties man at heart and baby so are you

Use the chorus chords throughout the instrumental, then return to verse chords for later verses
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