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Sweetnam Skye - Girl Like Me chords

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Skye Sweetnam
Girl Like Me
Sound Soldier
2007 Capitol Records
Submitted by:

Key: A

Tuning: Standard EADGBe

Chords used:
D     xx0232
A     x02220
E     022100
F#m   244222

Intro: Drumbeats

Verse 1:
D         A            E
  I can't ever shut my mouth
F#m                D
That's just how it is 
       A             E
What I think it just falls out 
And I can't help it 
D         A             E
  I might leave a mess around
    F#m                D
You know thats what it is 
And there's been times 
I let you down yeah 

D            A
  But you're all I got
E            F#m
  and you're all I
    D        A
want and you know I'm
not gonna fake it

D           A          E
Hey suck it up this is me 
   F#m             D
No I just can't pretend
      A     E
who I am anyway 
F#m           D
Baby what you get 
   A        E
is what you see
    F#m              D
And this is what you get 
       A         E
with a girl like me

Post Chorus: D A E F#m  

Verse 2:
D          A               E
  Life's a bitch, then you die
      F#m           D
Don't wanna live my life
        A                E
Talk is shit and telling lies
    F#m        D
I'm never gonna All the 
A                   E
things when we fist met
     F#m           D
Yeah I was perfect then
It's funny how quickly 
we forget yeah

(Repeat Refrain)
(Repeat Chorus)

D          A
   Oh come come come on now
F#m           E
   Don't bite it you know how
D        A 
   I get when you're like this
E                D
   Let's make it right
Tick tock time is precious
   You're never 
something to treat this
D          A
   Come on we can do this
   Right here tonight

Guitar Solo: D A E F#m D A E  

(Repeat Chorus twice)
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