Switchfoot - Needle And Haystack Life chords

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Title: Needle and Haystack Life
Preformed by: Switchfoot
Written by: Jon Foreman

I play more folksy music so this is way I play it.
For the intro riff I just pick it in C,
starting with the high G note on the e string alternating with the C note
on the b string and continue that pattern going down the scale. Improvements/Suggestions 
I just wrote this out in the last five minutes since
there wasn’t a chord sheet up for it already.

Intro: C

(Verse 1)
  The world begins
  With newborn skin
Am              F
  We are right now
  You're a needle girl
  In a haystack world
Am               F
   We are right now

(Prechorus 1)
  You breathe it in
G                 F
  The highs and lows
             Am   G
We call it living

F         C          G        F
 In this needle and haystack life
             C         G             F
 I've found miracle's there in your eyes
         Am       G             F
It's no accident we're here tonight
        Am         G
We are once in a lifetime

(Verse 2)
No, don't let go
Don't give up hope
All is forgiven

(Prechorus 2)
You breathe it in
The highs and lows
We call it living

(Repeat Chorus)

F            Am
 All is not lost
F                Am  G  F
  All is not lost
(F)              Am
  Become who you are
F            Am         G
  It happens once in a lifetime

(Repeat Chorus)
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