Switchfoot - Hello Hurricane chords

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                           HELLO HURRICANE                  SWITCHFOOT
Tabbed by:hurricaneherman

This is the mandolin tab for Switchfoot's song, Hello Hurricane.

E|----------------|  |----------------|  |----------------|
A|5-5-5-55-5-5-555|  |5-5-5--5-555-555|  |5-5-5-55-5-5-555|
D|5-5-5-55-5-5-555|X4|5-5-5--5-555-555|  |5-5-5-55-5-5-555|X4
G|0-0-0-00-0-0-000|  |0-0-0--0-000-000|  |0-0-0-00-0-0-000|

 It fades out at around 00:40

 A|2222222222222222----------------| I enlarged this part so you can see how
 D|--------------------------------| many notes there are.

 I am tabbing this for the mandolin, but to fill in the space between now
 and the next mandolin riff, I'll add the chords.


 Em        Cadd9        Gsus2
 I've been watching the skies
 Em           Cadd9       Gsus2
 They've been turning blood red
 Em    Cadd9       Gsus2   Cadd9
 Not a doubt in my mind anymore
           D\f#     Em
 There's a storm up ahead


 Gsus2      Cadd9        Em
 Hello hurricane Your not enough
 Gsus2      Cadd9          D
 Hello hurricane you can't silence my love
          Cadd9     Gsus2           D
 I've got doors and windows boarded up
            Cadd9    Gsus2       D
 All you're dead end fury is not enough
                      Em7 Cadd9 Gsus2    Em7 Cadd9 Gsus2
 You can't silence my love            My love

 ~VERSE~ -same chords as the last verse-

 Everything I have I count as lost
 Everything I have is stripped away
 Before I started building I counted up these costs
 And there's nothing left for you to take away

 ~CHORUS~ -same as last chorus-


 G             Bb              C 
 I'm a fighter fighting for control
 G             Bb              C
 I'm a fighter fighting for my soul
 Em           Dsus2         Cadd9
 Everything inside of me surrenders
 You can't silence my love

 It's Time for another mandolin riff, but I'm sorry to disappoint, because
 it's the same riff from the intro.

 3:15             3:22
  |                |
 D|5-5-5-55-5-5-555|X2 the second time it plays, it fades out.

 And one more time you repeat the ~CHORUS~

 I hope you enjoy this tab as much as I enjoyed Tabbing it for you. And if
 you do enjoy it, you can look up my other mandolin tabs for the album
 Hello Hurricane.
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