Switchfoot - Back To The Beginning Again chords

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Capo 7
Tuning: Standard
"Back To The Beginning Again" - Switchfoot
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(Verse 1)

 B                      C#m 
I can feel it building up inside, 
               A                 E
the images that plague inside my mind,
B                                  C#m
The dreams that I've been dreaming all my life,
     A                             E
The colors that live outside of the lines,
     B                       C#m
But dreams aren't all I hide beneath the skin,
                     A                E
The chord is cut the fears and doubts begin,
   B                       C#m
My hope is anchored on the other side,
         A                              E
With the colors that live outside of the lines,

(Chorus 1)

   B           C#m            A          E
And the oceans roar, and the wheels they spin,
  B         C#m             A                           E       
And Your promises, bring me back, back to the beginning again,

(Verse 2) 

B                           C#m
Like the corrugated L.A. Harbor stacks,
                        A                   E
With the weight of these machines across my back,
   B                         C#m
I know a mountain road where time unwinds,
        A                            E
But I'm busy living in a single file line,
       B                     C#m
And it all just sounds like poison on my ears,
               A                                E
The background noise makes Your voice so hard to hear,
     B                              C#m
So i grit my teeth and straighten my spine,
     A                                  E
I'm stuck in traffic on a dotted yellow line,

(Chorus 2)

       B       C#m                      A           E
And my heart is Yours, and what a broken place it's in,
    B                  C#m                              A               E
But You're what I'm runnin' for, and i want to feel the wind at my back again

Back to the beginning again... 


     B        C#m       A        E
e ---0---------0--------0--------0--
B ---0---------0--------0--------0--
G ---4---------6--------2--------1--
D ---4---------6--------2--------2--
A ---2---------4--------0--------2--
E ---x---------x--------x--------0--
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