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System Of A Down - Starlit Eyes tab

System of a Down- Starlit Eyes

I don't think this song is by System, but I know for a fact you can hear Serj singing.
I think it is by a guy called James Lynn Strait, but because it Serj singing I'm
submitting it as a System song. (It sounds like a System song anyway, and everyone will
recognise it as a System song, anyway I found it at

Notation legend at foot of page. Sorry if the lyrics aren't right.


                            "Watching the world go..."


E|-----4*--4*--4*--4*--|    |-----------------|.|
B|-----4*--4*--4*--4*--|    |-----------------|.|
G|--2--4*--4*--4*--4*--| x3 |--2--5--5--5--5--|.|
D|--2------------------|    |--2--5--5--5--5--|.|
A|--2------------------|    |--2--5--5--5--5--|.|
E|---------------------|    |-----------------|.|

"Children, wake up, search,
 Children, wake up, work"



"Now you're free, free to roam in the skies,
 Now and then visit me, with your starlit eyes"

That's all the parts to the song.

Notation legend: 

/= hammer on
()= ghost note
*= harmonic


Watching the world go

Children, wake up, search,
Children, wake up, work.

V.1: Opening his heart to everyone
     And loving without a doubt
     Embracing friends and embarrassing foes,
     And those who are unjust
     A man true to his heart without fear of misgivings
     And insecurity tattooed across his body
     The first to accept and last to disappoint
     He understood all and expected nothing.

Crs: Now, you're free
     Free to roam in the skies
     Now and then visit me
     With your starlit eyes 
V.2: You took all our hearts with your smile
     And let the legacies unfold
     You conquered life in fear, so you see,
     There was no room for you to revolt.

That's all the guitar parts and lyrics. Great song and really easy. Have fun!
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