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T-pain - Buy You A Drink tab

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     Am		     F
baby girl whats your name? 
	C		G
lemme talk to ya, lemme buy you a drink 
     Am		   F		C		 G
im t-pain you know me convict music NAPPY BOY ohh wee 
	   Am		 F
I know the club close at 3 
	  C		  	G
whats the chances of you roll'n with me 
	    Am			F
back to the crib show you how I live
	  C		     G
lets get drunk 'n forget what we did

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     Am			F
i'ma buy you a drink ooo wee
     C			     G
oohh i'ma take you home with me
I got money in the bank
shawty what you think 'bout that
C			G
ill be in the grey cadillac
		   Am F C G
we in the bed like ooo oo
		   Am F C G
we in the bed like ooo oo

	Am	   F
talk to me, I talk back
	 C		G
lets talk money, I talk that
	    Am		  F
crunk juice bombs, oakley shades
	   C	     G
shawty got class, oh behave
	 Am		F
lets get gone, walk it out (now walk it out)
	   C			   G
just like that thats what im talkin 'bout
	     Am		  F
we gon' have fun you gon' see
	C			   G
on that patrone you should get like me

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