T Rex - Planet Queen chords

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T. Rex - Planet Queen

from the "Electric Warrior" album.

The other tab for this i think has some errors; i've played this one along and think 
as close to 100% accurate as you're going to get.
Fun song to play, sounds great with a bongo player.
The key to it sounding right is the 7ths with the high e string fretted as diagrammed below.
Listen to the record for the rhythm.  And to rock out.

Chords used:

E  :022100
A7 :x02223
B7 :x24445
C  :x32010
Am :x02210

just the first two strings, hammering from 2 to 4 on the A string.
Listen to the record for the rhythm.  Very similar to the "Get it on" intro.




E             A7
Planet Queen, perchance to dream

E                B7                    E (intro)
She used my head like an exploder, the planet queen

E                     A7
The world's the same, I am to blame
E                B7                   E (intro)
She used my head like a revolver, the world's the same


E                  F#m
well it's alright, love is what you are

C             Am            E (intro)
Flying saucer take me away, give me your daughter

repeat chorus

(Chords are the same throughout)

Verse 2:
Dragon head, machine of lead
Cadillac king, dancer in the midnight, dragon head
The planet queen, perchance to dream
She used my head like a revolver, the planet queen, yeah

chorus x2

repeat verse 2

chorus x3


E (intro)
Gimme your daughter
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