Taio Cruz - Break Your Heart chords

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I absolutely loooooooooove this song! It's awesome!! Probably my fave song at the 
moment. I don't know if these chords are the 'right' ones, but to me they sound right.

Capo on 2nd.

I just basically play Em, C, G, D through the whole song.

Here are some examples if you need some help:

Now listen to me baby
                  Em  C G
Before I love and leave ya
  D                 Em     C G

They call me heart breaker
      D               Em   C G
I don't wanna deceive ya
    D             Em     C G D

If you fall for me
         Em  C  G  D
I'm not easy to please
        Em C      G    D
Imma tear you apart
      Em   C    G   D
Told you from the start,
          Em             C
Baby from the start.
       G             D

I'm only gonna break break ya break break ya heart.   (x4)
                Em         C                   G    D

Eh, and I know karmas gonna get
Me back for being so cold.
    C                      G
Like a big bad wolf im born
To be bad an bad to the bone.
If you fall for me
Imma gonna tear you apart
    C                     G
Told you from the start

Hope you can use the chords! :)
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