Take That - What You Believe In chords

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What you believe in - Beautiful world - Take that 

Standard E tuning 

Capo 1st fret

Intro - Am Fmaj7 G Em

Verse 1

What am I to you
What are you to me
G                                   Em
Are we getting better, or did we... used to be
Am                Fmaj7
What of the songs we used to sing
Dm                                G
Where are the souls we used to... carry in
Am                   Fmaj7
What is a sail without a hurricane
G                         Em
What is a hurt without... someone to blame
Am                 Fmaj7
Show me the sky... and I'll, climb the stairs
Dm                             G
Give me something cause i'm... losing it


C               G           Am    Am7
Give me what it is you believe in
Cause i give to you my truth
I've got all my faith in you
C                  G           Am   Am7
I don't know which way we are going
Doesn't matter anyway
Just as long as you will stay

Verse 2 same as Verse 1 - Am Fmaj7 G Em

Tell me the word and I'll shout it out
For what is a voice when in doubt
The world has changed
The world will change
Oh give me something cause I need to feel

Chorus x 2

Am       Em
It's all good you know 
Am      Em
I still love you so
     Dm                             G
And you dont have to do this on your own

No, no

Repeat Chorus to fade
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