Taking Back Sunday - The Bird You Cannot Change chords

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This is pretty rough, pulled off their live performance on WCCB Charlotte's website. 
Don't have the lyrics, so just play with the song and you should be able to figure it out. 
Also, this is my first attempt at this.

Tuning sounds like it's half step down.

Intro Riff

G |-0-2-4-0--0--0--2---------------------|               x3  then end the last repeat with
E |--------------------------------------|


Intro (Rhythm)

B    A x3

G    A


D     A     G


D     A     B      G    A

B            A
Can you feel that?

Bridge (Adam's part)

B     G     A     G

And the rest uses the same chords, it's fairly easy to figure out if you listen and play.
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