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Taking Back Sunday - New American Classic Acoustic tab

First thing's first...
The tab put up for this originally, is like, 90% right,
but it's not, if that makes ANY sense.

I learned the song initially off the tab up here, then I saw the live acoustic performance of the song on youtube
and noticed that the chords Fred was playing were different, I tried playing along to Fred's chords but it sounded different
and I realised that it's because the song is played in different tuning. you only tune down the A string a step to G.
which wouldn't normally make a difference to playing it in standard except that it's SO much easier to play the bridge
section as you need a-LOT of G notes, which is why he tunsed it down: for beginners, take note:

[^ = Downstroke, V= Upstroke] <- These are very important in the latter stages of the bridge section:
[Example: (7) = harmonic on the seventh fret. (12) = harmonic on the 12th fret]

certain parts of this sound different on the actual record because they can record over themselves, there are actually 
more guitar parts on the album.
This is how fred plays it live.

this is the link to watch it live acoustic on youtube, this is how I worked out the tuning really:
Try playing along with it if it will make you more comfortable:

Note: fred plays something different on the bridge section in this video.
      but you'll probably just want to play it as it is on the record.
      So I've just tabbed that version out:

Remember that the most important thing about learning tabs is that you have fun, so don't get majorly stressed out with it,
it IS a difficult tab if you're new to picking:

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