Tally Hall - The Trap chords

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Capo 3

Intro: C C C Am/Gmaj

C                   Am
Whispered leaves on swaying trees and
F           C
Mysteries define
C                Am
Summer nights of endless light
  Em             G
Remind us of the line that's
Yours & Mine

C                     Am
Thoughts of green and breezes mean
    F              C
I'm growing from a stem
C               Am
Missing dirt on my T-shirt
       Em                           G
You'll move a little closer but the moving isn't over if it's

F            C
Them & You & Me
F             Em
Stringing electricity
Am      Dm            E       E7
And the rest of it is waiting under
F           C
When it overflows
F               Em               Am
Taking us where no one knows
     F              G#            C
We remember when we fell into the trap

C               Am
Midnight air is unprepared for
F                 C
Thoughts we would condemn
C              Am
Silence of the stars above
In any other weather
We would try to stay together but it's


C        Caug        Am       Caug
Mother & Fathers without
     C      Caug      Am     Caug
Will doubt
C          Caug     Am       Caug
Brother to brother another
     C     Caug     Am    Caug
Hold out

 C        Caug         Am            Caug
Imagine a world if the numbers would take some
    C    Caug    Am    Caug
Time out

C          Caug      Am
Me without you & you without
  Caug          C           Caug        Am         Caug
I want to break out of this abstracting pattern of layers but it's
D#     C
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