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Tammin Sursok - Pointless Relationship tab

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Im prrtty sure this is how the song goes :)

INTRO: C#m, B, A


C#m       B         A
    Lately it seems she keeps hitting him 
                  C#m      B   A
Over the head with one word: when? 
C#m       B         A
    Should they go left or right 
Or maybe high or low why,
C#m         B       A
    can't he pretend? 
That things will stay the same 
    A            B
And he can just keep on? 


E                               C#m
Chillin' out and sleepin' in on Mondays 
Has she been wastin' all her time?
A          B 
  Cos he's so not into 
E                       C#m
Wakin' up and workin' 9-5 all week 
   F#m                                 A
The kids, the house, the dog and the SUV 
          B        E
Will they ever agree? 

C#m       B       A         
    Sometimes she wonders if they?re ever gonna live up to 
C#m      B         A
  Who they could be 
C#m             B     A
    The real world is heading for them 
Like a high speed train 
   C#m   B     A
And he's not ready 
He wants to stay the same so 
A           B  
He can just keep on


E, C#m,              F#m, A, B, 
       yeah, yeah, yeah,

A                                   E
  She really doesn't know where they stand no,
A                           E
Find a compromise or she'll walk away 
A                          C#m B A
  He really loves her but then again 
    A                   B
He wants it to stay the same 

C#m, B, A
C#m, B, A

                   C#m        A           B
She really wants a change but he wants to keep on


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